fumstur (fumstur) wrote in cornell_2009,

i wrote this a while back...

First Impressions of Cornell

Orientation week
Hi, I’m Funmi…
freshman, Pittsburgh,
HumEc, HD, High Rise 5
Spout off answers to automatic questions
You are…
What was that? Come again? I-R-A? N-I-R?
Never heard so many odd names in my life
Such diversity in one university, they said
Ads line the walkways in colored chalk,
many creatively designed, some not:
Tryouts for Cayuga’s Waiters,
The Class Notes, Nothing But Treble
Recycling signs and bins everywhere,
I am being brainwashed
Going to see the comedian tonight…who with?
Everyone’s at Collegetown and the rest are asleep
Where are all my “friends”
facebook was a waste of time

First week of classes
Breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage,
steamed vegetables, pancakes and
desert worth every penny
Take the footbridge to Kennedy
They said it would be beautiful
Sweat dripping, legs throbbing, how much farther?
Get there just as people step off the bus
They said sit in the front to be noticed
Professors seem nice…have to learn their names
doubt if they’ll ever know mine
Pages one through what?! Due when?!
All-nighters already
Grab a quick lunch on my way home…
How much was that sandwich?!
Have to pay to print?!
How much for laundry?
Those books cost what?!
Raindrops pelt me home
Carry an umbrella everywhere, they said

Better dressers, writers, Christians, musicians
Too many smart, good looking people
Can’t compete, don’t want to…I choose average
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